Privacy Policy

What Do We Want From The Customer?

With the company demanding quality in whatever we wish to achieve, it is important that we provide our customers with the quality they deserve.

While we are discrete with what we wish to ask for, there is certain information that has to be provided with reference to the order placed. The Information required would be the use of the name of the customer, the e-mail addresses through which there can be correspondence, the mailing address through which the item and the amount, if appropriate, can be sent from the warehouse to their homes.

Also, having a credit card is very important, as you would need to fill the form yourself and the credit card information would be important.

What Can We Do For The Customer?

As far as the customer is concerned, it is the company’s dearest wish to keep them happy, but more importantly, to keep them satisfied. So what are company does is;

1. It makes sure that our customers are both happy and satisfied by using your information to provide better services to the customers by trying to make their experience a memorable one.

2. By using the information to serve the customers better in terms of what they buy i.e. their transactions, so that the initial hassle of collecting information is no longer there, and the work becomes more streamlined.

3. The Personal Information provided by the client can be used later on to provide them with new offers and deals, so that they know we are there for them always.

How Can We Keep Our Customer Safe?

Realizing that the world is not as private as it once was, we try our level best to ensure that we are committed in keeping the customers safe from any and all threats while conducting the dealings with the company.

Any and all of the sensitive information, including the social identification number, the bank account number and so on, is immediately purged from the system. Our System’s server is secure, meaning the transaction goes through an encryption that only our employees that have been assigned the use will be able to use because they are trusted enough to be given the responsibility.

We do not believe in using cookies in our line of work as we believe they are against our code of conduct.

We do not deal with, barter, sell, or exchange information regarding our clients as we respect their privacy, however, there are certain cases which would be limit our confidentiality when it is asked by the higher authorities such as that of the government authorities, or to enforce our own rights, which includes non-personalized general information for advertisement purposes.

Our Conditions

We wish to provide you with the best of what we can offer. So when you have successfully placed an order, please use our email ID to send us your requirements so that we are able to assess them and work accordingly.

Of course, the workmanship will not be exactly the same to what the client expects, so if there are some minor mistakes or modifications that need to be corrected, we will be happy to do so. Therefore, we would highly appreciate if there is some sort of digital proof available at the time of the submission. Without it there might be complications.


We have our terms and conditions in order to make aware the customer of the limits of liability that the company has; please do not hesitate to contact us at our “CONTACT US” page.

You Agree

since you are using this website, you have consented to our online privacy policy.

Changes in Policy:

In case any kind of changes or adjustments are required after the placement of the order then you must make sure to contact the sales department within 6 hours after the order placement

But all your requests or change requirements shall only be entertained if the order will be in queue rather than in between production. If your order production has started then no change requests will be entertained as it’s not possible to make changes in the order while in production phase.

For urgent orders no change request even within 6 hours shall be entertained.

Order Cancellation

If there are going to be any changes, they will be immediately notified to our members as well as visible on the main website page.


If there are any queries that you would want us to resolve for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


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