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We here at 24hrsWristband believe that for strong bonding with you, we should let you know about our detail terms and conditions so that you don’t have to face any kind of problems later. And so we continue to serve you the excellence with ease.


Making an order at 24hrsWristband is quite simple you simply need to call or email us and book/place your order at ease. All the price rates and payment shall be due at your order placement time. We offer many alternatives for you to make payments at your ease. Your order invoice shall be immediately made at time of order placement. All payments are required to be made within 30days after placing your order. Payments that are not made within 30days shall be charged 20% fee on existing order.

Submission of Artistry

We encourage you to bring up innovative art work that you want to on your wrist. After placing your order you’ll have to send us the image/design/logo or any kind of artwork that you want on your wristband.

We’ll thoroughly analyze the design you send to make sure that it can be designed accordingly on the product you chose.

In case some adjustments need to be applied then we’ll do it free of cost. But you’ll have to remember that your designs cannot implement 100% but we will give our best to meet your criteria

Since 100% accurate colors and designs cannot be implemented hence you must make a request for digital proof to make sure that how the outcome for the product will look like. If you do not request then we will not be liable for any faults or inaccuracy.

Global Customers

Our International customers shall be responsible for the taxations, duties or custom fees in their country. These fees will be excluded from the shipment charges and overall price. Only accurate rates shall be written on the custom duty forms but no promotional prizes shall be mentioned.

Product Manufacture/Generation:

After the placement of order the delivery time may vary between 1 to 7 days, completely depending upon the type or amount of product you chose.

In case you have any kind of urgency then we will assure on time or urgent shipment as per your request. You’ll simply need to call us and we’ll assist you in all way.

But the wristbands that require printing shall take up to 1 – 2 weeks to become visible after printing.


We accept payments in credit card form. You can make payments through Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. Choosewhatever is convenient for you.


We offer shipment for all products internationally. And we assure you that your order shipment will always be on time or even before time.

But 24hrsWristband will not be responsible in delay due to customs or the carrier shipping the product

In case of address change after the post-shipment or in-transit shipment, $ 20 shall be charged.

In case the customer misses or do not attend the delivery from the carrier, then $ 40 shall be charged.

Order Substitution/Adjustments

In case any kind of changes or adjustments are required after the placement of the order then you must make sure to contact the sales department within 6 hours after the order placement

But all your requests or change requirements shall only be entertained if the order will be in queue rather than in between production. If your order production has started then no change requests will be entertained as it’s not possible to make changes in the order while in production phase.

For urgent orders no change request even within 6 hours shall be entertained.

Order Cancellation

For order cancellation same conditions as order submission are applied. But in case of order cancellation $ 10 shall be charged only if order is in pre-production phase. If the production has started then all other charges shall all be required.


All our products are inclusive for sales tax as per the law. Therefore if any company or organization is sales-tax free then they must contact us.

Product Rates/Price

We assure you that the price that we offer is completely feasible for you to afford. We offer the best pricing but they may vary time to time due to change in market.

In case the price mentioned are incorrect on any product then 24hrsWristband have the complete right to cancel the order made on that product.

Extra services i.e. keychain, individual wrapping, go-green, etc will charge extra, it will be quote specificly on order by our Sales Represented.

24hrsWristband only accepts written price quotes.

Order Transpose

24hrsWristband do offer reorder facility but it completely depend on us, we could do it we would but we do not offer any kind of guarantee on it.

Money Back/Refund

24hrsWristband do not offer money back guarantee in case of customer at fault regarding wrong details provided. Production cost in any case in non-refundable.

In case of delay in delivery the shipment charges can be post-rated.


24hrsWristband has copyright for all the content on this website. Each and every element of the website is copyrighted. All the designs, images, elements, graphics, illustrations, product images, logo design, and complete website stand in copyright of 24hrsWristband. No element or content of this website can be used for commercial use.

24hrsWristband provided all this detailed content for its customers, hence our customers can use some content for personal and non-commercial use only. No content of this website is allowed to be copied or posted of any network or any media.

This website is solely 24hrsWristband trademark.

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